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A spopk10输钱rtswear store of Apk10输钱nta Sports in Shanghai, China, Jan 31, 2018. [Photo/IC]

BEIJING -- A consortium lepk10输钱d bpk10输钱y China's leading manufacturer of sportswear Anta Sports is about to complete the purchase of Finnish sporting goods company Amer Sports, according to an announcement issued by Anta Sports Products Limited on Wednesday.

Anta Sports published an offer in Helsinki to purchase all the shares of the Finnish Amer Sports on in December, 2018.

So far, with the shares tendered in the offer representing appropk10输钱ximately 94.98 percent of all the shares and votes in Amer Sports (excluding shares held by Amer Sports or any of its subsidiaries), Anta has satisfied all of the terms and conditions of the tender offer, which entitles the Chinese company to complete the purchase.

"The completion trades will be settled and the offer consideration will be paid to the shareholders who have validly accepted the Tender Offer in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Tender Offer on or about 29 March 2019," Anta said in a statement.

Amer owns world famous sports brands such as Wilson, Arc'teryx, Atomic and Salomon. The successful acquisition will enable Anta, which has an brand portfolio including ANTA, FILA, DESCENTE, SPRANDI, KINGKOW and KOLON SPORT, a greater global exposure and influence.

Besides Anta Sports Products Limited, the consortium also consists of investment fund FountainVest Partners, Canadian Anamered Investments and Chinese Tencent. Anta has 58 percent ownership in the consortium.


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